Utility benches Marcy

This type of bench is mainly designed for working with free weights. These muscle strengthening benches stand out due to their structure, as the back support can be set at different angles (flat, inclined, declined) during training.

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  • Deluxe Utility Bench. Heavy Duty Steel Frame Construction. Powder Coated Finish. Box Stitched Seat and Backrest. Adjustable 6 Position Backrest for Incline, Decline, Military and Flat Positions. Angle Adjustable Seat.
    Marcy Eclipse UB9000 Developer Utility Bench
  • It offers a multi-position back pad that can adjust to incline, decline and flat positions so that you can work muscles from several different angles.
    Marcy SB-510 Utility Bench

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    Marcy SB-510 Utility Bench

  • The bench is conveniently adjustable to vary your workout. Adjusts to put you in military, incline, decline and flat lifting positions.
    Marcy Deluxe SB-10100 Utility Bench
  • For starters to intermediate weight lifters, the beauty of utility benches is that they can serve a multitude of purposes.
    Marcy Eclipse UB1000 Utility Bench
  • Deluxe Utility Bench with Leg Raise Assist Handles. Compact Design. Heavy Duty Steel Frame Construction. Powder Coated Finish.
    Marcy UB3000 Deluxe Utility Bench
  • 4 abdominal bench positions, including military, incline, flat and decline.
    Marcy Pro Deluxe PM-10110 Utility Bench

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