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With the mission of revolutionizing the ergonomics market, Swedish Posture focuses on top quality products, elegant design and high performance aimed at helping people to improve their posture at home, at work or while doing sports.

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Dedication, innovation, quality and passion

Keeping the correct posture at home, at work or while doing sport is vitally important for your health. The Swedish Posture products, simple, comfortable, discrete and practical to use, are specifically designed for this need as well as to improve your posture in your daily life. This exclusive line of products has been developed in Sweden by expert teams of physiotherapists, athletes, developers and ergonomists.

Swedish Posture

The history of Swedish Posture

The idea of Swedish Posture arose in 2011 when Emma Phil realized that very little attention was paid to posture in essential aspects such as beauty, performance, self-confidence and wellbeing. In the beginning, Swedish Posture used the same product to reach its target groups: (1) active people who are attracted to low intensity training, (2) pregnant women as well as people who spend too much time sitting at the office desk and who habitually suffer slight back pain, (3) and women who want to improve their body posture to improve their self esteem.

Currently, Swedish Posture has three outstanding products: Posture Classic, Posture Flexi and Posture Balance. Various adjustable accessories, which are comfortable and discrete and can be used every day in front of the computer, while doing sports or any every day activity.

Swedish Posture