World leader in personal beauty and care, Remington has a wide range of vanguard products designed to make clients feel better and which are inspired in the latest tendencies. Remington has always strived to be innovative, becoming an expert in personal care with products sold in 85 counties throughout the world.

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Why buy Remington?

The Remington products are innovative, modern, and enable both men and women get the results they want easily and effectively.

One of the principal Remington ranges is i-LIGHT photoepilation, which uses an exclusive system with intense pulsed light (IPL) technology (the same system as used by dermatologists in clinics and beauty salons) which has been clinically proven for the efficient and safe elimination of unwanted body hair at home. This system, developed with a top dermatologist, is fast, painless and highly effective:

· Fast: Thanks to an intelligent automatic mode of multiple flashes for continuous movement, a flash speed of 2 seconds and the fact that it can cover wider areas than laser, i-LIGHT is one of the fastest IPL systems on the market.

· No waiting: i-LIGHT is connected to the mains, so it does not need recharging and is always ready for fast treatment.

· Unisex body accessory: For men and women who want to get rid of unwanted body hair from sensitive areas in the comfort of their own home.

· Safe: Clinically proven for the safe and efficient removal of unwanted body hair in the comfort of the home.


History of Remington

Remington has been designing innovative solutions for more than 70 years...

· 1937: Introduces the first electric shaver in the world.

· 1960: Introduces the first cable free shaver.

· 1979: Victor Kiam: "I liked the shaver so much I bought the company".

· 1992: Takes over Clairol Electrical and expands into the hair care market.

· 2005: Launches the first body shaver.

· 2008: Launches the first ceramic hair straighteners with micro conditioners.

· 2010: Introduces the first domestic product with IPL technology in Europe.

· 2011: Introduces the world’s first hair trimmer with touch control.

· 2012: Develops the revolutionary hair care range Keratin Therapy, with micro conditioners and an exclusive heat protection sensor.

· 2013: Introduction of the Hyperflex series revitalizes the shaver market sector. The positive comments of consumers and clients makes it the most successful product launch to date.

· 2014: Remington is market leader and continues to innovate in the area of personal care.