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Doing sport and exercise is beneficial for the health and your physical condition but physical effort can increase the risk of suffering injury due to poor posture in training, muscle strain, etc. For this reason, in order to ensure that anyone who suffers an injury has the best chance of early recover, there are complements and accessories such as sprays, ankle supports, elbow support, knee supports, etc. A series of protectors designed to accelerate recovery from injury and reduce the pain produced during the process of rehabilitation.

These accessories, worn on the damaged muscle or joint, boost the recovery of the athletes and bring forward the moment when they can start training again.

These accessories differ firstly in the part of the body they are designed for but also by the size and the type of material of which they are made.


Sports Therapy in Spray

Clay4Sport is one of the latest developments for the prevention of and recovery from sports injuries. It is a natural clay which is used for sports therapy, a kind of healthcare which focuses on the prevention of injuries and the athlete?s rehabilitation promoting optimum levels of functional, occupational and sports training. This treatment, innovative and effective, created by nature and improved by science, can be used anywhere to obtain a therapeutic action aimed at optimizing your sports performance.