Isostar, the forerunning sports nutrition brand, is involved with athletes of all levels in order to provide them, and you, with the best nutritional solutions and help athletes to excel and achieve their personal goals.

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In order to help athletes reach their maximum physical potential so they can meet their personal challenges, Isostar surrounds itself by expert teams such as nutritionists, national coaches, trainers, R & D engineers and top athletes, who work together in optimizing existing products and also actively participate in the development of new products. Furthermore, Isostar works with a team of athletes specializing in different disciplines (marathon, triathlon, track cycling, etc.) and is continuously in touch with them in order to continuously be aware of the needs of specific sports nutrition for different sports.

Isostar was founded in Switzerland in 1977, and started its business with the first drink specially designed to meet the nutritional needs of athletes. Since then, Isostar has become a leading brand in the European market, backed by more than 35 years of experience in sports nutrition. Due to the strong demand for its products by athletes, Isostar is currently present in more than 30 countries in Europe and continues to expand rapidly.