Cefar is one of the European companies with the most experience in research and innovation in the field of electrotherapy in the world, offering and guaranteeing the highest quality in each and every one of its muscle stimulation products.

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· Technology and research in its products: Since 1975, Cefar has been developing its products using the latest medical technology and research in electrotherapy.

· Offering effective treatments: For many years, electrotherapy was considered as an alternative therapy, but nowadays, muscle stimulation and electro acupuncture are widely accepted by doctors and physiotherapists. And this is because electrotherapy has proven to be totally effective treatment with no side effects.

· Keeping the needs of the client in mind: As they develop their own products, Cefar has to be aware of and bear in mind the needs of its clients. And it is for this reason that many of the innovations and improvements which have been made to their stimulators have been thanks to the contact made with users, as well as with cooperation with doctors and physiotherapists.

· Variety in their products: At Cefar, a wide variety of products can be found, from portable TENS stimulators, which clients can use easily in their homes, to advanced medical stimulators which enable therapists to adapt their treatments to the latest discoveries.

· Easy to use products: Cefar places great importance on their products being as easy as possible to use, as time is valuable and should be used for treatment and contact with patients, and not studying how the equipment works.

· High quality: The TENS muscle electrostimulators and electo-acupuncture equipment are high quality and belong to the top of the range, as they strictly adhere to safety requirements for these kinds of products and their programs are based on research and experience to achieve the best types of stimulation, frequencies, duration of impulses and other parameters for any given treatment.


History of Cefar

You may think that the concept of electrostimulation is something new, but in reality it has been used by physiotherapists and athletes for many years for muscle strengthening, recovery and recuperation.

Cefar Medical has been developing electrotherapy since 1975, and ever since then they have focussed all their efforts in developing innovative solutions in the area of electrotherapy. This is done both with the help of and for the benefit of health professionals, collaboration which involves continuously seeking to improve the quality of their products.

These products are part of a category which adheres to the most demanding standards of quality and design. Always striving to meet the needs of the user.