Bosu started as a revolutionary product for the fitness world, this was the beginning of a journey that is still expanding, taking on new shapes and redefining the functional workout.

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Why buy Bosu?

· Boosts capacities: Bosu improves movement, remodels your body and strengthens the mind. It is the insertion of thought in movement.

· Posture Control: Based on the perception of position itself and working to boost your body and muscle balance, thus avoiding aches derived from adopting incorrect postures.

· Cardiovascular improvements: These exercises favour a loss in weight. In addition, through aerobic activities we increase strength and stamina.

· Strengthens balance: As in the case of posture control, it improves balance in the body and helps all the muscle groups to work in a balanced way.

· Good reputation: Thanks to high quality and effectiveness, Bosu products are well known throughout the sector.

· Perfects different skills: Bosu offers more suitable accessories to perfect the different skills required in sports activities. The workout with Bosu guarantees the user will reach their goals to get fit and feel well. Thanks to Bosu you have an intelligent training method that transcends any other accessory.

· Committed to the environment: Since starting up in business, they have been committed to using renewable resources, recycling and the elimination of toxins that harm the environment.


History of Bosu

Invented by David Weck, the "Bosu Balance" made its appearance in 2000 and quickly became one of the most successful physical workout products in the world. Originally BOSU was an acronym for "Both Sides Up", which means it could be used on both sides for workouts, i.e. the side concave and the flat side.

Bosu products are known in the fitness sector for improving flexibility, strengthening balance and boosting cardiovascular exercises in workouts, and even for rehabilitation from injuries.

And that is why the success and key to this workout is concentrated on balance, because when carrying out the workout on an unstable base, we manage to tone part of our muscles, mainly the abdominal area.