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Fitness wristbands, also known as activity trackers, activity monitors, monitoring devices or activity wristbands, are accessories whose main objective is to measure and analyze the user's daily activity. They synchronise with and complement compatible Smartphones and Tablets, and among the main functions of these small electronic devices which fall into the category of wearable technology, are pedometers, calorie control and sleep monitors. More info

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A buyer?s guide to Fitness Wristbands

Activity wristbands provide information about the activity being carried out at all times, while walking down the street, training in the gym or while at work. By monitoring activity and sleep, these accessories have successfully become an integral part of people?s daily lives, as they contribute to leading a more healthy lifestyle. When buying an activity wristband, we recommend you pay particular attention to the following aspects in order to make sure you choose the one that suits your needs best:

  • 1) Functions
  • 2) Design
  • 3) Battery
  • 4) Size
  • 5) Compatibility

Fitness Wristbands

1) Functions

Although the main objective of all activity wristbands is to measure daily activity, it is not the only one. Some also tell the time, monitor sleep and calories burnt, keep a record of meals and mood, have a vibrating alarm, etc. These functions are available thanks to built-in sensors which help us to lead a more active and healthier lifestyle. So depending on the kind of measurements you want to see and keep a record of, certain models will be more suited to your needs than others.

2) Design

Most monitoring devices are designed like a wristband. That way they are more comfortable, smart and discrete for daily wear. However, each make has its own style, size, colour, etc. Aimed to accurately monitor daily activity, the user has to wear the wristband at all times, so it is important to check out the design, the colour and whether different coloured wristbands are available.

Fitness Wristbands

3) Battery

Fitness wristbands can either have a rechargeable battery or may have one which is necessary to replace when it runs out. Rechargeable batteries usually last for between 7 and 10 days, depending on the use and model. Replaceable batteries can last for up to 1 year before having to be replaced with a new one.

4) Size

Size is another characteristic to be considered before choosing a wristband. Some brands have just one adjustable model, some include several wristband sizes and others have a guide with which to determine the correct size before purchase. For increased comfort it is important to ensure that the model you choose fits your wrist.

5) Compatibility

If you synchronize your wristband with a compatible device (tablet or smartphone), you will be able to see up to date data and to monitor your progress with the specific App for each make of wristband. What?s more you can compete with friends, other users, set and reach targets, etc.

Fitness Wristbands

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